Touching Jesus - Paperback

Touching Jesus

Embracing Christ - Paperback

Embracing Christ

Touching Jesus and Embracing Christ are available on, or you can purchase signed copies directly from me by sending a check or money order for $13.97 for each book (includes shipping & handling) to Teri Metts, 101 J.B. Womack Road, Mendenhall, MS 39114. If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail: For more information about these studies – keep scrolling.

walking with Jesus – a guide to relational discipleship

walking with Jesus

live like Jesus. love like Jesus. teach others to do the same.

My husband, Joe, and I have co-authored this twelve week Bible study. Using twelve simple biblical truths, walking with Jesus guides believers along the path toward true discipleship — a process that facilitates a greater passion for an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. As believers enter a season of discovery, they are encouraged to understand, embrace, and ultimately experience these simple truths in their own lives, with the hope that in time they will share them with others desiring a closer walk with Christ.

And yes, there’s a reason the only capitalized word in the title of this study is Jesus.

Copies of walking with Jesus are available on (, or you can purchased signed copies for $10.00 each, plus $3.97 to cover shipping & handling: Teri Metts, 101 J.B. Womack Road, Mendenhall, MS 39114. If you have any questions, e-mail me:

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Hem Touchers

In the spring of 2000, God allowed me the honor of starting a ministry for hurting women called Hem Touchers. During the process of that year, I completed two twelve week Bible Studies: Touching Jesus and Embracing Christ. I would write a lesson each week, hand it out in class, and during the process of the upcoming week, while the women completed that lesson, I wrote the lesson for the following week.

In the first printing of the studies, the weekly lessons were not divided into days, and the pages didn’t even have page numbers. The original books were printed on copy paper and placed in a three-ring binder. Later, we abandoned the notebooks and used plastic spiral binding. In 2010, Touching Jesus was finally published, followed by Embracing Christ in 2011.

Hem Touchers ran for twelve week sessions every spring and fall from April 2000 until November 2007. During this eight year period of time, more than 1500 women (and a few men) participated in a Touching Jesus session, and approximately 750 participated in an Embracing Christ session, as God faithfully used these studies to help both women and men from troubled backgrounds, whether as children, youth, or adults, find emotional and spiritual healing and begin the process of becoming faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

TJ and EC

I continue to get requests on a yearly basis from groups wanting to us Touching Jesus in small group Bible studies either in their churches or ladies’ ministries. How humbled I am that God continues to use these studies in the lives of His children. And what a blessing to receive the occasional testimonial from former participants sharing how God used these teachings to make a difference in their lives.



Here is a sample of answers women who have completed Touching Jesus gave when asked: What is the greatest blessing you have received from this twelve week study?

“I love me! I never knew what that felt like! I love openly and don’t hold back and shut down from fear of rejection.”

“My relationship with God is deeper, my faith and hope are restored.”

“Growing closer to the Lord through prayer and spending time with God in His word.”

“Helping me to realize I need to turn all problems over to God – that is what He wants.”


“Healing (emotional) and learning to trust again. Also, awareness of how important forgiveness is (focusing on God by trusting Him and surrounding our pain and anxieties in Him).”

“I learned to forgive myself and others and face life as a whole.”

“I feel God is more accessible than what I had always believed.”

“I have an increased hunger for the Word of God, my prayer like is better, and I spend more time in praise now, less time ‘telling God what I need/want’, but leaving that in His hands instead.”

“I know now what God wants from me – my love and devotion. From now on I’m going to strive to put Him first in my whole life.”

“I have a desire and hunger to feed on God’s word and learn from it.”

“I have a better understanding of who God is and His unbelievable love for me. And He is showing me more clearly who I am because of what He has done for me.”

“My focus is more on God and what He desires for me rather than on my own desires. I am more aware of His presence or lack of His presence and how I have to press in.”

“I am learning to let go and give God total control, learning to be a better listener.”

“I have become more thirsty for His presence – to be with Him.”


As a Bible study teacher, I’m also available to lead ladies’ conferences and retreats.